What would Howard say about...
the "War on Terror"?

Scientists at Miskatonic University used a modified Tillinghast Resonator to probe Howard Lovecraft's consciousness through his preserved pineal gland. They asked him what he thought about the "War on Terror". The response was unclear in places. What could be made out is published here for the first time..

Fear, known in its extreme form as terror, is mankind's oldest adversary, yet we have never learnt to conquer it. The great human civilisations of Mu and Lomar struggled against it without success. The furry pre-humans of Hyperborea were equally prostrate before that unstoppable bane of life and thought, Terror. Many have sought to escape Terror's clutches by retreating into the fantasies of art or philosophy, yet here they found terror infinitely multiplied: for art and philosophy are simply reflections of the human mind, and it is within us that terror breeds. Others have looked to science to set man free from terror, but have only learnt of new depths of extracosmic abmormality. Science has opened new vistas of black, nighted gulfs within and without the spheres we know, and knowledge is simply [++ TRANSMISSION UNCLEAR ++] insignificance of the mayfly Mankind in the greater cosmos can only thrust terror yet deeper into the very core of our intellects.

Ultimately all existence is terror-laden suffering, and the greatest boon for which we can hope is the merciful release of oblivion.