White People in Space

Why are there so many white people in Star Trek, Babylon 5, Andromeda and Blake's 7? Most human beings on the Earth today aren't white, so it seems to make sense that most future humans won't be white. Yet when SF programmes about humans centuries in the future are made, it's standard that most humans are white, with no explanation given.

The answer is that the people who make these programmes simply don't think about it. Racial distribution in the programmes tends to reflect racial distribution in the country where it's made: the makers just recruit people from the actors they have available, without thinking about how future human populations might differ from what they have to hand.

Science fiction should be an exploration of possibilities, asking, 'What would it be like if...?' This requires writers to think. Writers of these programmes have not thought about the question, 'What would future humans be like?' They haven't bothered thinking at all. The question has simply not occurred to them. And that means that they are not doing the basic job of the science fiction writer: to ask 'What might it be like?'

It is bad science fiction, plain and simple.