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Raymond Long's blog: 2016-May-15

In 2016-May, I decided to end my mobile phone contract and start a new contract with my broadband provider. I get a cheaper deal that way.
Before making any changes, I logged into my broadband provider's website to make sure I still could, as I hadn't logged in for months. As it turned out, the password I thought I had for that website didn't work. I clicked on the "forgot password" link and they sent a code to my mobile phone by text, allowing me to log in and change to a new password.
The new SIM arrived. I put it in and waited for the handset to configure itself. This didn't happen. I could phone, but I couldn't use the internet or receive texts. After some searching I found a help page on my new provider's website and manually entered all the configuration settings I needed. After that, my phone could see the internet. Moments later it received the configuration package by text message. It seems the phone needed to receive texts to get configured, but couldn't receive texts until it was configured.
Now I needed to cancel my old contract and get a PAC (authorisation to transfer my phone number). I tried to log into my old provider's website, which told me that login wasn't possible as "we're making a few tweaks". So I phoned my old provider, but the sound kept cutting out, making the call impossible. Between patches of silence, the operator managed to convey that this was a known problem and they were working to fix it.
So I went to the third option: I emailed my old provider. Then I went to bed.
In the morning I tried to log into my email, and my password wasn't recognised. I typed it several times very carefully, and it gave the same error each time. Normally I'd use the "forgot password" link and get a code sent to my mobile phone by text. But my phone number had changed now.
I needed to get my old phone number restored to my phone fast, so I needed a PAC from my old provider. I tried to log into my old provider's website, but now the website was entirely down. There wasn't even a front page. So I phoned them just after their lines opened at 8AM. After being kept on hold for a while I spoke to an operator. Their sound problem was fixed now, so I cancelled my contract and got the PAC that I needed.
Now I needed to give the PAC to my new provider, to transfer my old phone number to my phone. You remember I had the foresight to make sure I could log into the website? That proved to be good forethought, because I wouldn't have been able to change my password with my phone number changed.
I logged into my new provider's website to enter the PAC. I enetered the phone number I wanted to transfer and the PAC. The earliest date the transfer would be possible was the next day — not ideal, but I could live with it. I accepted that date and clicked the button to go ahead.
During the day, I got someone to phone my old mobile number, but it was unobtainable. My phone worked, but didn't have my old number. Then in the evening, my signal dropped to zero and I couldn't see the internet. This filled me with foreboding. Would this keep happening? Had I signed an 18-month contract with my new provider, only to find that its network was unreliable?
It was late, so I decided to see how things were in the morining. Before going to bed I turned off my phone as I usually do, and message appeared saying "No service or SIM".
On Saturday everything seemed fine. Again I got someone to phone my old number, and now my phone rang.
I tried to log into my email account, and it worked fine. I didn't need to change the password. There must have just been a problem with the website when I tried to log in to the 12th.
The the post came. There was a flier from my old mobile phone provider, offering free broadband for a year if I switched to them as broadband provider.
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Reply: 2016-May-15
Stephen Richardson
It would not have happened to a Yongster they understand technology.